North Shore Community Mediation Center (NSCMC) is an independent non-profit, incorporated in 1994, that provides alternative dispute resolution and training services to the communities of Essex County.

Volunteer mediators from NSCMC work to promote better understanding and communication by offering high quality mediation services to those in conflict. Trained mediators are experienced at helping people better listen, understand and talk to each other. They guide parties toward recognizing areas of agreement, highlighting realistic ways to move forward.

Thousands of people have been served by the mediation process. NSCMC offers free, subsidized and reasonably priced mediation services to the courts, schools and community. In addition to mediation services and training, NSCMC provides a continuum of services including Facilitation, Restorative Practices and Conflict Coaching to organizations, schools, municipalities and workplaces.



Introducing Resolution Massachusetts (, the place where people build common ground.

In 2020, we helped launch a new way to raise awareness about the community mediation services offered by North Shore Community Mediation Center and similar Centers across the state.

Resolution Massachusetts is a state-wide network of existing community mediation centers that promotes peaceful communities through free and low-cost mediation services. Our services are available to everyone and offered by highly trained practitioners who come from within the communities they serve. You can learn more here.

Please help us spread the word! Share Resolution Massachusetts ( with your personal and professional networks and on social media to help us reach our goal: that everyone in Massachusetts understands the value and availability of Community Mediation Centers as a primary source of support and knows when and where to go for help.


Resolution Massachusetts Community Mediation Centers’ Statement on Racism and Injustice:

As mediators we encourage respectful engagement for diverse perspectives to be heard and offer a place where people can have constructive conversations. The ideas of access, diversity, quality and service are what defines us as community peace-makers.

We stand with all communities in our state, country and world in saying that racism and injustice in any form are unacceptable and the right to peacefully speak out against these whenever they are encountered. We cannot close our eyes to the consequences when we stay silent.

Got a conflict?

To meet the challenges of social distancing as the result of the Coronavirus outbreak, North Shore Community Mediation Center is available for mediation sessions via video conferencing.

Please call our office at 978-232-1212 if you would like to discuss this option.


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North Shore Community Mediation Center is a proud recipient of a Cummings Foundation Grant.

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