Founded in 1994, North Shore Community Mediation Center (NSCMC), with its 50 volunteer mediators, delivers mediation services throughout Essex County. Many of the people who benefit from these mediation services are unable to afford to pay expensive legal fees or they want to avoid the stress that comes with litigation. Still others need to find a way to confront a bully, to make peace with a neighbor, or to solve a family disagreement. Since its inception, North Shore Community Mediation Center has facilitated over 4,000 mediations.

North Shore Community Mediation Center FAQs:

Designated Face to Face Consumer Mediation Program through the Attorney General’s Office
Experienced panel of 50 active volunteer mediators
Over 65% of cases resolved through mediation
Recipient of the 2009 Salem State College Peace Institute’s Champion of Peace Award
Member: Coalition of MA Community Mediation Providers, MA Nonprofit Network, New England Association for Conflict Resolution (NEACR), National Association for Community Mediation (NAFCM)
Qualified provider of mediation services for MassHousing Tenant Assistance Program (TAP)

Recipient of grant funding from: MA Office of the Attorney General, MA Community Mediation Center Grant Program

NSCMC‘s committed staff and volunteers have a strong vision for the future, but will need additional financial support to:

  • Expand our Youth Initiative outreach by teaching conflict resolution skills to elementary school students and connect middle and high school students with trained mentors from local colleges.
  • Continue mediating in the courts to reduce overloaded dockets and preserve alternative ways of settling conflicts.
  • Educate consumers about mediation strategies which provide a means for disputes to be settled before lawsuits are filed.
  • Help the elderly and their families make difficult life-changing decisions.
  • Provide returning veterans timely re-entry support.

We can do this… but we need your help. We have been a part of this community for more than 20 years, and this is the first time we are asking our community members for support. Please consider making a donation to NSCMC today – $.99 of every $1 raised will fund mediation services and programs. Your tax-deductible gift will fund the kinds of services that help teens learn to resolve conflicts, and many others, go beyond conflict and learn skills that will enrich their lives now and the community for years to come. Thank you for considering our request.


Please use the Donate button below. We thank you in advance for your generosity!

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