Face to Face Consumer Mediation Program

Face to Face Consumer Mediation Program

NSCMC is a Face to Face Mediation Program working in cooperation with the Office of the Attorney General (AGO) of Massachusetts, offering consumer affairs mediation services to the courts and communities of the North Shore. Some examples of consumer affairs could include situations such as: seller/buyer (purchase of goods or services), owner/contractor (home repair, landscaping), landlord/tenant, or repair services/customer. The AGO has charged NSCMC with making these services available and to increase awareness of them on the North Shore. For consumer affairs mediations NSCMC can be directly contacted or the AGO can put interested parties in touch with our program. NSCMC and the AGO are committed to offering affordable, easy, and timely access to mediation services for consumer disputes. Please see the following link for further information on Face to Face Mediation Programs click here.

The Consumer Advocacy and Response Division at AGO of Massachusetts

In March 2016, the Attorney General announced the formation of the Consumer Advocacy & Response Division (CARD). Combining the staff and resources from the Public Inquiry and Assistance Center, HomeCorps (the AGO’s foreclosure prevention program), and the Elder Hotline, CARD reflects a new and enhanced approach to consumer assistance within the Attorney General’s Office.

How Can CARD Help Me?

CARD is staffed with trained consumer specialists that you can contact through our Consumer Hotline. If you are in need of help, CARD’s knowledgeable staff can answer your questions, assist you directly in seeking to resolve the problem with the business, or, if necessary, refer you to a wide network of available consumer assistance and legal aid resources.

CARD provides a broad array of assistance covering most consumer issues. The types of issues that CARD can handle include:

  • Defective products;
  • Car sales and financing;
  • Telemarketing scams;
  • Debt collection;
  • Mortgage servicing;
  • Home improvement contracts;
  • Utility bills; and
  • Identity theft

Additionally, across the Commonwealth, CARD has established partnerships with Local Consumer Programs, Face to Face Mediation Programs, and Legal Aid providers in your area. In certain situations, members of CARD may refer you to these additional consumer assistance services free of charge.

Download a copy of the AGO Consumer Advocacy & Response Division Brochure  pdf format of Download a copy of the CARD Brochure

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