Divorce Mediation

NSCMC offers help to couples who wish to work out the details of their separation while avoiding the potentially contentious, prolonged and public litigation battle.

Our specially trained and experienced mediators can guide couples through many aspects of separation including:

  • The initial separation
  • Asset and debt division
  • Parenting plans (custody and visitation)
  • Spousal support (alimony)
  • Child support

Results: Mediation often results in a memorandum of understanding, which contains a plain-language summary of key items that can be turned into a separation agreement. A mediated agreement can demonstrate to the court the couple’s ability to work respectfully together, and where children are involved, the parental cooperation vital to the best interests of their children.

Hours/Location: Mediation sessions are held during the day and/or early evening on Zoom or at the NSCMC office in Beverly, MA.

Fees: Each party pays a non-refundable Intake Fee ($25) prior to scheduling the first mediation session. During a prep call or at the first session rates are determined based on income level and a sliding fee scale. There is no fee for court-referred cases.

Click here for more info including forms and additional resources

For more information, please contact:
North Shore Community Mediation Center
100 Cummings Center, Suite 307-J
Beverly, MA 01915
Phone: 978.232.1212 | Fax: 978.232.0060 | info@nsmediation.org

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