Volunteer Opportunities

To Become an NSCMC Volunteer

Volunteers are the heart of NSCMC. Through their dedication and generosity NSCMC is able to offer the communities of the North Shore access to mediation services, regardless of economic circumstances. As with the people we serve, our mediators come from all walks of life and a variety of professional backgrounds. All our mediators are trained, experienced professionals dedicated to the principles of mediation and to serving our North Shore Communities. NSCMC volunteer mediators also contribute to the organization through committee work. This contribution strengthens the internal structure of the organization allowing for growth and development of new areas for our mediation services.

Basic Mediation Training: 

All volunteer mediators must first complete an approved basic mediation training. The training must be at least 30-hours, include the fundamentals of the mediation process, coached role-plays, and incorporate confidentiality (Chapter 233: Section 23C of M.G.L.). We prefer the training to teach the co-mediation model and approach mediation with a broad perspective rather than specializing in one field (e.g. divorce, real estate, etc.) Please see Rule 8 of the Uniform Rules on Dispute Resolution for more information about approved basic mediation training. NSCMC provides one basic mediation training each year, usually in late spring, early summer. Please call or check Mediation Training on our website for information or to register.

To Join the NSCMC Mediator Panel:

Before submitting your application to become an NSCMC volunteer, please read the section “Basic Mediation Training”.

After successfully completing an approved training, volunteers may apply to the NSCMC Board of Directors for either a supportive membership or membership on the Mediator Panel. Supportive members participate in NSCMC programs, but do not mediate. Members interested in mediating with the organization, must have completed the NSCMC Apprentice Program or an equivalent program, or must be able to demonstrate commensurate experience before acceptance to the Mediator Panel. Please download, complete and return the application with a current resume and any supporting documents to NSCMC by mail or email. There is a $60 fee. Fees are not paid until applications are accepted.

The Apprentice Program:

The NSCMC Apprentice Committee assesses the qualifications and training of new applicants, assigns Mentor Mediators to new volunteers, provides an Apprentice Handbook to each apprentice mediator, and evaluates the apprentices’ progress. To apply please download, complete and return the application with a current resume and any supporting documents to NSCMC by email or mail. There is a $100 fee if you have completed a NSCMC Basic Mediation Training, or a $250 fee if you completed a Basic Mediation Training with another program. Fees are not paid until applications are accepted.

Requirements for completion of the NSCMC Apprentice Program:

  • Complete at least a 30-Hour approved Basic Mediation Training
  • Observe, on 3 different dates, at least 3 mediation sessions within the NSCMC mediation programs
  • Participate in at least 25 hours of co-mediation in NSCMC mediation programs
  • Shadow the case coordinator at least twice
  • Maintain a record of mediations
  • Inform Mentor when 25 hours of mediation has been completed
  • Review mediation evaluations with Mentor

Because of the important role of the Apprentice Committee, not all applicants may be accepted at the time of application. We must be certain that supervision of apprentice mediators is consistent and thorough. If the Apprentice Program is full at the time of your application you will be notified and your application will be kept on file for the next available space in the program.

Volunteer Mediation with NSCMC:

NSCMC uses a co-mediation model and often pairs newer mediators with those more experienced. The NSCMC Court Coordinator completes mediation schedules for the different courts, allowing mediators to sign-up for the most convenient days and times. NSCMC mediators are required to attend a minimum of 6 hours of professional development each year. Following the completion of the Apprentice Program and acceptance onto the NSCMC Mediator Panel, volunteers are encouraged to participate in all aspects of the organization. This includes mediating both court and community cases, as well as strengthening the organization through committee work.

Mediation Standards in the State Of Massachusetts

North Shore Community Mediation Center, Inc. has adopted the Supreme Judicial Court Uniform Rules on Dispute Resolution. These Rules govern court-connected dispute resolution services in civil and criminal cases. The Rules also provide guidelines for program administration, training, and ethical standards. The full text of the Rules is available at www.mass.gov/courts/docs/admin/planning/newadrbook.pdf

NSCMC mediators can log in here to access forms, register for professional development sessions, complete useful surveys.

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