Peer Mediation Training

Peer Mediation Training

“The quality of our lives depends not on whether or not we have conflicts, but on how we respond to them.” – Tom Crum

The Goal of the NSCMC Youth Initiative is to enhance all learning environments, including schools, camps, and after-school programs, by sharing the knowledge and effective tools of conflict resolution and mediation to create a more peaceful environment where constructive learning and relationships can flourish.

Peer Mediation Training prepares students in local middle and high schools to mediate conflicts among their peers. These students learn real world skills such as active listening, communicating feelings, building trust, and brainstorming. They become effective mediators because they understand their peers which makes problem solving more natural. Peer mediation reduces school violence and improves the learning environment.

The Peer Mediation Collaborative supports the individual school programs by providing coordinators with strategies to enhance their peer mediation programs.

The Peer Mediator’s Forum brings students from Essex County schools together to share their experiences as peer mediators.  Keynote speakers have challenged the students to consider positive and negative effects of power, introduced international reconciliation, and discussed diversity and social change.

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